Jam – Mountain mix 420g

400,00 din.

Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? The perfect mix of juicy blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. When you can’t decide, the choice is simple: a mountain mix – can be combined with everything!


Since this is a homemade jam from the finest mixture of the healthiest fruits found on Kopaonik mountain – wild blueberries from Kopaonik mixed with wild blackberries tamed with juicy raspberries, mountain mix is a real refreshment among jams where you can feel all the power of the mountain in one bite. It improves and strengthens the immune system. No added preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

Used ingredients …


Nutrition factsper 100g 950/229Energy value (kJ/kcal) 0Fat (g) 0Of which saturated acids (g) 66,10Carbohydrates (g) 66,10Of which sugars (g) 0,58Protein (g) 0,1Salt (g)
Ingredients fruit (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries) sugar citric acid

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Weight 470 g

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