Ajvar – Mild 580g

500,00 din.

Our ajvar is made of domestic sorts of red peppers, roasted in the traditional way according to the recipes of our grandmothers. As the tastes differ, and our desire is to delight everyone’s taste buds, we offer two types of ajvar – mild and spicy.


Homemade ajvar or Serbian caviar is one of the best-selling products from our cuisine. We carefully choose the sort of pepper, the old Serbian variety called Kurtovka, harvested in the fields around the Morava River, and then roast it on wood stoves. After that, the peppers are peeled by hand, ground and then slowly cooked in large pots at a low temperature, stirring constantly. Our ajvar is pure, traditional ajvar produced only from pepper, without artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. Taste and smell of our ajvar will bring back the older generations to their roots. We will remind them of the real taste and smell of ajvar, just as their mothers used to prepare it, while young people will learn what real Serbian traditional ajvar is like.

Used ingredients …

Red roasted

Nutrition factsper 100g 659/158Energy value (kJ/kcal) 12,81Fat (g) 1,2Of which saturated acids (g) 11,55Carbohydrates (g) 4,6Of which sugars (g) 1,58Protein (g) 1,96Salt (g)
Ingredients red roasted pepper sunflower oil sugar salt vinegar chilli powder

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Weight 680 g


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