Welcome to the flavours that will tickle your taste buds again. We wish to point out that the products Moć planine (Power of the Mountain) are 100% natural and do not contain added preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. Our products are pasteurized which guarantees their safety and prolongs their shelf life.

Our jams, thin fruit preserves and ajvar are prepared in the traditional way and according to old recipes from the highest quality fruits and vegetables that we grow on our farm. From the very beginning, the main task and goal of the brand Moć planine (Power of the Mountain) has been to return to our roots. Why? The only reason is that we want to bring back the taste and smell to the food we offer to our customers. We want the older ones to feel the smell and taste of their childhood again, and we want the young ones to experience something that they have not before. And that’s not all. We wanted and still want to offer only food that is completely healthy and produced only from fruits and vegetables that are characteristic of our region grown by our hardworking hosts on their farms.
Everyone has the right to homemade, healthy and natural tastes. Enrich your home with the selection of Moć planine products:

We collect fruit and vegetable carefully and simmer preserves on old stoves and in specially designed pots – just like our grandmothers used to. In this way, we preserve the most precious ingredients given to us by the rich nature on the slopes of Kopaonik, and we prepare delicious and healthy products for you.

Find us in all the better stocked stores and supermarkets in Belgrade.
If you are passing by, you can always stop by our family estate in Brus and choose your favorite fruit or vegetable treats. It will be our pleasure to be your hosts!